The Legend of the Fallen Kingdom by Mikel Wilson and Sherry Gist

Such a cute story. It is actually three books in one. This book would be perfect for kids 9 - 13! Very interesting characters, and it has a great message. 

We are first introduced to a knight by the name of Alexander. Alexander is part Werewolf. He gets bit by a Vampire. His whole world changes, as does his body. He becomes a hybrid, and falls in love with the Vampire. 

He has a child with the vampire, but an evil sorcerer wants to rule the kingdom. His son dies. He goes off on an adventure to save his son, and to save his kingdom. 

As I stated, it is a really cute story. It is a very quick read. There were a few grammar and spelling errors, but nothing too bad.

The wording and language will easily understood by children. 

Check it out!!! Let your child read it!