Secrets, Love, and Lies by Kayla Carson

Okay guys, where do I begin? In the first book we meet Riley, and Aiden. We follow their journey into love, and terror. In book 2 we learn more about Riley's best friend, Layla. Layla was also in the first book. In Secrets, Love, and Lies we find Layla falling for someone everyone would have never guessed. This occured several months after Riley and Aiden's incidents. Layla is also very good at keep her own secrets, but secrets are hard to hide when you fall in love..when you open your entire being to another person. 

You honestly need to read this book. I was asked not to spoil the mystery man, but you will be pleasantly surprised. You do not necessarily have to read Book 1 to be able to follow along with this book, but it is a better story once you have read the first book. I urge you to read the entire series. The books are quick reads, but they evoke many emotions. 

I was laying down reading throughout today, and several times I had to sit up because I was getting worried or excited. I cannot wait to read the next book! I love this series!!


Check it out guys!