Doll Shaker by Casey Renee Kiser

I am in love with these poems!!! Holy crap!! Casey writes with such passion. Her poetry is dark and raw. The book is small, on 22 pages, but oh dear God! These words will touch you in a place you never knew existed. I, myself, am rather dark so I completely understood her messages. 

Poetry is a dying artform. More people need to create poetry. I truly love how she put her emotions out there for the world to see, and interpret them in their own way. 

My favorite poem from this book is Stare.

"no bones to break                                                                                                             no expression to fake                                                                                                         I am doll shaker"

I freaking love it so much. That was just one stanza from the poem, but you get a little taste!

Go buy the will not be disappointed!