Fat Chance by Angela Crook

I would first like to state that I truly enjoyed this book. My only complaint was style of speech between characters. I consider myself to be a Grammar lover, and it took me a little while to get over some of the wordings. 

I love how strong Bebe is, or Belinda Jones. She has endured so much throughout her life, and she still finds the courage to be there for her friends and family. She is not always so lucky in the love department, and she also has some image issues. It takes incredible strength to stand with your head held high after going through so much strife. 

Bebe hears from her first love, and he wants to see her. She wants to lose the weight she has gained over the years before she sees him. She fights her way through a journey of self-discovery. 

I like this story a lot because it teaches us to love and respect our bodies. It teaches that we should not change how we look for anyone but ourself! 

Ladies, and men, do not let someone make you feel that you are less than a person just because of how much you weigh. 

I strongly urge you all to read Fat Chance. You will not be disappointed!