The Night by Natasha Larry

Another unique story!! Witches and ghosts, but they are not the typical stories one would be used to hearing. On All Hallow's Eve, ghosts are permitted to walk among the living...only it is not a good thing for those alive. Ghosts possess people, and make them do all sorts of crazy stuff. 

We Kinsley, who like most women has curves. Let me start by saying Size 10 is not freaking fat!!! Kinsley has a pill problem, and spends most of her time high...

She is awoken by her mother. Her mother lets her know she was granted passage at a coven house. A coven house is the house of a witch family.

The witch family only allows a select few enter the safety of their home. They use spells, and rituals to prevent the dead from being able to possess anyone within the home. 

It is there that we meet Charming. Only, Kinsley is the only one who can see him. 

Let me ask you, do you believe in true love at first sight?

Would you risk your life to save someone you just met?

The book covers all emotions, and I promise you will relate to Kinsley...if not, then suck it up anyway!

The book seemed to be a quick read, less than eight hours.  It definitely sucked me. I did not want to stop reading. The book is full of action, love, hate, and so much more. Pretty awesome book!