The Ripmender by Julianne Alcott

What an interesting read!!! It is different from other Sci-Fi books, and that is really a great thing.

Julianne introduces us to Cathy. Cathy lives in South Africa, and goes to University. We would call it college. Cathy is the type of character many people can relate to. She keeps to herself, she also feels as though she is an outcast. She does not consider herself pretty, or anything of the sort. She found it really exiting when the man she loved started attending her school, to instruct a music course. This man did not even know she existed. He is a rock star!! She actually met him, but he was trying to kill her. 

You will have to read the book to find out what happens to Cathy and Nathan. What would you do if you were in love with someone who could not love you. 

It truly was a beautiful, thrilling journey. I really hope there will be a book 2!