2020 by Jim Mosquera

2020 is an interesting book about love, politics, and economics. While the story is based in the future, a lot of the information describes what the country is going through now. It is not just about the United States, but speaks about the economic issues in other countries, and how everything is pretty much tied together. 

The main character, Chandler, is a reporter. He is sent all over the world to gather information about the turmoil. He has dated before, but nothing serious ever came from any of those romances. He does find someone that he wants to share his life with, but finds it difficult to spend time with her due to his dedication to his job. 

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an election was frozen?

You really need to read this book to find out who wins the election, what happens to the economy, and if Chandler is able to find love.

I felt this book to be educational, as well as entertaining. I honestly did not think I would like it since it has political information, but the actual story development was strong. Jim was able to weave information in while sticking to the story. I enjoyed reading 2020, and I hope there will be a sequel. 


Go check it out!!



Thank you for allowing me to read 2020. I cannot wait to begin your other book!