The Fever by Thomas Fenske

The Fever by Thomas Fenske


Do you believe in curses? Many people do. Especially when they are out searching for gold. The main character, Sam, was in college when he spent a night in jail. While in jail he met a man named Slim. Slim was very sick, and knew his time was coming to an end, so he told Sam about a cave that had a lot of gold. The only problem was that Slim did not outright tell him where it was. He told him where it was using a riddle. It took Sam several years before he was even remotely close to figuring out any of the clues. He would often take trips, hundreds of miles from his home, to go hiking. He thought by hiking he could figure out the clues. It was not until a co-worker pointed something out on a map did Sam figure out part of a clue. Sam’s journey is scary, dangerous, and life-threatening. You need to read it to find out if he finds the cave or not. Make sure you have your good-luck charm.

The Fever is full of interesting characters. It also includes some side stories throughout. I found the book to be very interesting, and I am eager to read the second book. Following Sam on his quest for gold has been exciting, to say the least. You never really knew where Thomas was taking the story, meaning it was not predictable. Definitely a page turner. I really enjoyed how fate played a strong role throughout the book. Fate, logic, hope, and a little bit of luck certainly goes a long way.




Thank you for allowing me to read and review The Fever. I cannot wait to start reading A Curse That Bites Deep.



I really enjoyed this book, and I know you all will too!