The Nightmare Exterminator by Angela Horst

I must say....I am a sucker for Greek Mythology. I am a huge mythology nerd!! The Nightmare Exterminator had Greek Mythology and so much more!!! 

The book begins by tell the reader about the main character, Noah. Noah has a special ability, and an odd friend. Noah has the ability to travel into the dream world. Because of that abillity he made a career by vanquishing the nightmares of those who have put up with them for far too long. His friend is a Gnome that happened to follow him into the mortal world. He just happens to be hilarious too. Noah's job is not a steady one, you know, since people tend not to believe in someone can enter their dreams. He somehow kept getting more, and more work. People were coming to him more frequently now. 

During a job, he was visited by a Goddess. What would you do if you were told that your were a God, and had your memory wiped? What would you do if you happened to fall in love with a human?


Read the intriguing tale of Noah, and his friends, as he finds out the truth about his special gift.


I found the book to be fascinating. I must admit, the mythology part sucked me in moreso. Even without it, this book would be able to stand on its own in creativity, and prose. I welcome all of you to let your imaginations run wild while seeking Noah's truth. I was excited to see what would happen, page after page. I read the entire book in less than six hours. I could not peel my eyes away. I could not wait to tell my husband about it, nor could I wait to tell all of you. I cannot spoil any of the good parts with all of you though. Happy Reading!



Thank you for allowing me to read and review your awesome work! I loved it! I was literally bouncing in my seat while reading several parts. You left it open for a sequel...please, please tell me there will be a sequel!?!?!


Go buy the book!