The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher: The Missing Yesterdays by Terry Marchion

The Missing Yesterdays took me on a wonderful adventure. It all began with Christopher, and his Uncle Tremain. Christopher loved his Uncle, and also loved that he was a scientist. Christopher ran to his Uncle's lab immediately after school. He was eager to see if his Uncle had created anything new. Indeed he did. He created a transmitter that would hopefully make his wait for packages a lot quicker than snail mail. Something happened in the lab, and they disappeared. After a few attempts they found their way back to the lab. 

Everything mysteriously went wrong. The were zapped away, and ended up in a different time, and a different world. Both were entralled, and decided to learn about this new world! You have to read the rest to find out what happens to our main characters.

I read this book within a couple of hours. Very quick read, but it contained substance. I feel younger teens, and up, would really enjoy this tale. I actaully hope to read more of Tremain and Christopher's adventures. 



Thank you for asking me to review this book. I thought the book was wonderful. I did not see the ending coming!