Miriamne the Magdala by JB Richards

Where do I begin? I am rendered speechless, so please bare with me as I try to fumble through my thoughts.


I am not a religious person, per se, but I do believe and I have my faith. I was not expecting to be moved by this book. A lot of people wonder what happened to Jesus/Yeshua in the years of his life the bible left out. Never did I think he could have possibly married. This book....this fantastic book...made me realize that anything is possible. Most importantly, it reassured me of what true love was. Earlier this morning, around 3:30 a.m. I had paused my reading to cuddle with my husband. Every single day I tell him that his my everything. I hugged him tighter, and made sure he felt the love emanating off my body. I found my true love. I would follow him anywhere. 


Miriamne was only thirteen when she met her mother's cousin, Mary. Mary's son Yeshua and Miriamne immediately fell in love with one another. Yeshua has special gifts. He can heal the sick, he can bring someone back from the dead, and he can love unconditionaly. Yeshua was upset, however, that his ailing father would not allow him to use his giffts to heal him. A short time passed, and his father passed away. Miriamne was the only person to bring Yeshua back from his extreme sadness. The two spent all their freetime together. It was not long before Yeshua asked Miri to be his betrothed. Of course she said yes. Her love for him was stronger than any other force. Soon they were wed. What a beautiful wedding they did have. I felt as though I was there. 

The book does not preach to you. I believe every person will have their own feelings about the book. It will touch them in a way that only they will be able to enjoy. The book is also an insight into other lands, and people we were never taught about. 

It truly was a magnificent telling of Jesus/Yeshua.

I loved it ever so much.



Thank you for allowing me to read this wonderous book. It filled my heart with love. I am eager to see where the Yeshua and Miri end up next!