Telling Really Tall Tales by Angel Berry

What an interesting read! Angel Berry's book is a unique collection of short stories and poems that she has written. Most of the stories inside are excellent reads. There are a few that can be developed a little better. However, if she wanted to, Angel Berry could easily write an entire novel out of several of the short stories. 

The story I liked the most was An Urban Myth. A mother is telling her son, and his cousin, a bedtime story. The story is about a King seeking help from a mythological/magical being. The beast will act as good, or bad, as the person's intentions are when called upon. It is an exciting story. I actually wish there was more to read about. 

Another story I loved was Back When. A truly selfish mother gave one of her twins up because he was handicapped. Her and her parents raise her daughter without ever letting on she was a twin. The daughter of the selfish mother goes off to college. She actually meets her brother in a way you will not see coming. I will let you be surprised. 

Most of the stories have an underlined moral to them. You could easily share most of the stories with a child. Teenagers will like it as well.

Do yourself a favor and dive deep into many stories! The book was a real page turner! 

I received this book from the author, through Library Thing, in exchange for an honest review. 

I truly liked the book a lot. I sincerely plan on re-reading my favorite stories...if only she would write novels around them..