Save An Angel's Kiss For Me by Joanie Chevalier

Mar is such a young girl to have to deal with her mother's mental disorder, and her father's passing. Not to mention, her faulty memory. Before the accident, Mar was full of joy, and excitement. Christmas was her favorite time of year. Her father spoiled her with love. After the accident, she felt alone. She did not really get along with her mother. 

Save An Angel's Kiss touches on some serious subjects. Mental illness, death, depression, forgiveness, etc. The book is a quick read, but so many people will be able to relate to Mar, and all the other characters as well. 

From someone who grew up with a mother with a mental illness I can relate. I am elated that Mar was able to connect with her mother and work on a relationship. I never was able to do so, due to other circumstances. My dad is my everything. 

Joanie touches on topics that everyone has dealt with at least once in their life. 

It truly is a touching story on losing and gain love. 

I encourage everyone to read Save An Angel's Kiss For Me. You will not regret it. 

You can also find other work's of Joanie's on her website. 

Go tell your mom/dad that you love them. 



   Thank you for allowing me to read, and review your book. I really enjoyed reading it. It honestly did hit close to home. Mar reminds me of myself when I was 15. I cannot wait to read your other works. Thank you for writing a beautiful story.