Harables Short Stories 1 by Haidji

Another wonderful piece of art from Haidji. These short stories we amazing!! Haidji is a modern day Philosopher! Each story had an amazing meaning behind it. Let your children read this book too. It will teach them about life, and mostly how to love themselves. 

Do you love yourself?

My favorite short story out of the book is The Lake Girl. 

It is about a girl who thought she was just average. She never thought she was beautiful. She hung around another girl, and thought they were friends. Lisa had a crush on a guy, but her friend went to him first. Her friend had a different boyfriend every other day. When she found out her crush wanted to be with her friend she no longer had a crush on him. He told her that everyone thought she was the most beautiful girl, but she was hard to get to.

This story shows us that our inner beauty reflects our beauty on the outside. It teaches that we should not bounce from guy to guy, but that love is more important.


I love Haidji"s masterpieces.



Thank you for allowing me to read another art piece from you! Once again, I loved your book!!