The Prince's Plan by E.M. Youman

First off, this book got me right in the feels. It's truly an unorthodox love story. 

Danny is a big movie/rock star. Marnie is a drug addict. They meet by accident one day. Danny is trying to protect his image, since he too was a drug addict. He thought he could help her recover. Danny would go through girls, but his relationship with Marnie was strictly business. He pulled her away from selling her body for drugs. He gave her a job as his assisstant, even though he had never had one. He clothed her, fed her, and put to work. He had hoped keeping her busy would keep her mind off of using drugs. Both of them were attracted to the other, but never acted on it. Life had turned upside down for both, and they each had a horrible past. After trying to end her life, Marnie thought it best not to ruin Danny's life. She moved out of his penthouse, and moved away. After some time, Danny realized he could not exist without her. He found her, and proposed. You will have to read the book to find out all the juicy details.

The book was beautifully written. I teared up more than I like to admit. (A lot of tears!!) I love unique love stories. 


This book can also reach out to people struggling with drug abuse. They will be able to relate with the characters on a personal level. They may even be inspired to get some help!!


Keep an eye out for the book!! Get it! Read it! Love it like I do!


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