Everland by Wendy Spinale

My eyes are swelling with tears as I type this. Please forgive me if it sounds weird.


Think Steampunk and Peter Pan! Awesome, right? No, freaking amazing!!! Wendy wrote this book in the most phenomenal way possible. 

We are first introduced to Gwen. She is a fifteen year old girl trying to take care of her younger sister and brother during a horrible war. She has to scavage around a broken city, while hiding from the Marauders. The Marauders are soldiers in Hook's army. You read that correctly, the Captain Hook. Hook is trying to capture all the girls to find the immune. When Hook and his army bombed London they released a deadly virus. That virus killed off most of the city, mostly adults though. When Gwen's sister is taken by Hook's men, Pete arrives to help her, and he little brother. This is when the adventure of a lifetime begins!

There is a twist, and quite a few surprises. You will not see them coming!! Please go out and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. If you happen to love books as much as I do, then you may already have it in your "to be read" pile!


Wendy, you are an absolutely fantastic author. I cannot wait to read the second book. I love strong female leads, and Gwen is now one of my favorites! I loved the book so much. Thank you!