Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

What can I say about this series? Umm, how about how freaking amazing it is! Lauren Kate mixed religion, romance, and horror into such a truly fantastic series. 

Luce Price seems to have bad luck. She is sent to a boarding school, Sword&Cross, in Savannah, Georgia. On her first day, she sets eyes upon Daniel. Daniel tries his best to ignore her. You cannot ignore fate. Luce meets new people, and makes new friends. She misses her best friend from home, but the school does not allow cell phones. Her new friends just happen to be Angels, and Demons. 

Luce and Daniel are destined to be together. 

Each book gets more and more interesting. 

Would you defy God to be with your one true love?

Here is the order of the books:





Fallen In Love


You should seriously read all of these books. I loved them!

She has written other books as well, and I have read them all.