Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

I have decided to review this as a series. I have read books 1 through 9. I have yet to buy book 10, and she is about to release book 11. 

Darynda Jones has such a magnificent imagination. Her characters are full of life, and literally death. 

Charley is a private investigator who just happens to be the Grim-freaking-reaper! How much more awesome can you get in a lead character?! Charley is a complete badass. She is in love with the son of Satan, after all. One kind of has to be tough. 

She sees the dead, and they pretty much pay her bills. She is hired by the living to find people. She is hired by the dead to find who killed them. However, it is not all shits and giggles for this private eye...someone wants her dead. Well, not just one person. Luckily, she was raised by a cop. 

Her best friend, Cookie, is an amazing character. She is the type of best friend every girl wishes for. 

I do not want to give away and juicy details from later in the series, but you would be dumb not to delve deep into this series. I pinky swear you will love this book!! Unless, your some stuck up snob. Ha.haha. Seriously, the book is phenomenal. 

I am forever a Grimlet!

Reyes and Charlie forever!

This series is difficult to review since I just want to, very excitedly, tell you about everything I love. I love this series so much! I would love to have Charley as my best friend. 

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