Oct. 19, 2016

SG Suicide Game by Haidji

Haidji does not write, or create in a manner that most people are used to. She has many works of art available. I loved reading Suicide Game. It was an interesting read to say the least. The book is written from the view points of many of the characters. These characters have an important position when it comes to the actual Suicide Game. 

"The new game

The new mania

8000 candidates and

Only one will survive

Only one can win!

Live from the Night Stadium

Nothing compares to what you'll see here

Nothing compares to what you'll watch

See, choose your candidate, bet

Participate! It is ...

The new and unexpected... Suicide Game!"

The book dives into the lives of employees, candidates, and the council members. The council members control the entire aspect of the games, or so they think! Each day of the game brings something new. You will not be able to determine who wins until you read to the end. The book is full of surprises, and is a roller coaster of emotion. Some of what you will read will seem confusing at first, but it is just because of the different style of writing. I personally asked Haidji if she was going to write a sequel... (I wanted to read so much more). She advised me that she is working on some other projects, but some characters may appear in some of her other works. She may work on a sequel someday, but until then keep an eye out for her other books. 


The suicide game is where a particular amount of people stand on a platform. One of their wrists are connected to a wire. They leave their lives in the laps of the Gods. When they jump they do not know if they are going to die, or if they will live to see another day in the Games. It is up to fate whether or not the wire breaks free, leaving the candidate falling to their death. 


I assure you, you will not be disappointed in this book!! Go out and buy it! Read it! and most of all, Fall in Love with it!!


Once you read it, let me know your thoughts!!!


Whatever you do...do not compare it to the Hunger Games.